Transportation Division

The Transportation Division promotes the efficient movement of people and goods throughout Menlo Park by maintaining and enhancing a functional and efficient transportation network. The Transportation Division promotes the use of public transit, ride sharing, bicycles, and walking and manages the City's 40 traffic signals, 2200 streetlights and overall roadway network. The division also coordinates the Menlo Park free shuttles serving over 80,000 riders annually, traffic safety education, and neighborhood traffic calming programs. The Division is supported by the Complete Streets Commission.
  1. Bicycling

    Resources for bicycling in Menlo Park.

  2. Development guidelines

    Find information and standards for new development projects including impact fees, driveway and parking requirements and analysis requirements.

  3. Shuttle services

    See maps and schedules for free shuttle services in Menlo Park.

  4. Transportation plans

    See a list of transportation plans adopted by Menlo Park.

  5. Transportation projects

    Peruse a list of projects underway by the Transportation Division.

  6. Truck route permits

    Learn how to obtain a truck route permit.