Menlo Park Municipal Water Department

The City’s Menlo Park Municipal Water District serves approximately 16,000 residents through two service areas; the eastern service area and the western service area. The Department purchases 100 percent of its water from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, which delivers water from the San Francisco Regional Water System. On average, 85 percent of the regional water system's water comes from the Tuolumne River watershed and 15 percent comes from local watersheds in the East Bay and Peninsula

In addition to the Menlo Park Municipal Water District, there are three other water agencies that serve residents and businesses in different parts of Menlo Park. To determine your water provider, click on the interactive map below and enter you address. (Note: Palo Alto Park Mutual Water Company provides water to less than 10 residents on Menalto Drive, and is not included in the interactive map.)

Interactive Map

New connections

To install a new water meter or to upgrade an existing water meter to a larger size, follow the guidelines below.  Properties not served by the Menlo Park Municipal Water Department should contact their respective water provider directly.


Cross-connection control program

The San Mateo County Environmental Health manages the Menlo Park Municipal Department ’s cross-connection control program. They will send and receive test notifications, maintain a database, certify approved backflow testers, and perform backflow surveys to determine if backflow prevention is needed. They require that any backflow tester you hire must be listed on the County’s list of Certified Backflow Prevention Testers, and that the tester must tag assembles with a County tag. For information about Environmental Health’s cross connection program, please contact Kate Elgin from the County at 650-399-6919.