Transportation Master Plan

The ConnectMenlo Circulation Element includes a number of forthcoming transportation-related programs, including those to encourage multi-modal transportation, provide opportunities for active transportation to encourage health and wellness, minimize cut-through traffic on residential streets, and consider changes to the transportation impact metrics the City uses to evaluate development proposals. The highest priority transportation-related program is the development of a Transportation Master Plan and updates to the Transportation Impact Fee (TIF) program. 

Transportation challenges, including multi-modal safety, traffic congestion, neighborhood quality of life, and regional coordination are significant concerns to the City of Menlo Park. A Transportation Master Plan would provide a bridge between the policy framework adopted within the Circulation Element and project-level efforts to modify the transportation network within Menlo Park. Broadly, it provides the ability to identify appropriate projects to enhance the transportation network, conduct community engagement to ensure such projects meet the communities’ goals and values, and prioritize projects based on need for implementation. The Transportation Master Plan, when completed, would provide a detailed vision, set goals and performance metrics for network performance, and outline an implementation strategy for both improvements to be implemented locally and for local contributions towards regional improvements. Following development of the Master Plan, the TIF program update would provide a mechanism to modernize the City’s fee program to collect funds towards construction of the improvements identified and prioritized in the Master Plan. 

The Transportation Master Plan, however, is not designed to identify project-level, specific solutions to individual neighborhood cut-through traffic concerns, specific Safe Routes to School infrastructure plans, or provide detailed engineering designs of the improvements that will be identified in the Plan. These efforts would be prioritized in the Plan for future work efforts. 

Current status

The City is currently advertising for a consultant team to support this effort and developing a work plan for this project. Awarding a contract is anticipated in spring 2017.